Welcome to our privacy policy. First off, thanks for caring about your privacy enough to read this! This page is meant to verify that Polakię Games do not collect data of any kind whatsoever from visitors to our site/s.

If you contact us in any way, we will not share, sell or in any way show any of your personal data to any third party. Information you submit to us (phone number, e-mail address) will be used by us solely to contact you in direct response to your initial contact.

We will not use your information to solicit you in any way shape or form. We don't even like sending e-mails to anyone unless we know them personally, so we don't have a mailing list. If you would like updates on our projects, feel free to follow us on FaceBook or Twitter, or follow us on our blog. Now, as far FaceBook and their ilk, we can't vouch for their privacy standards.

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